Dispute Policy

At TopGradeEssays.com, we take pride in providing prime quality academic assistance. We are always ready to compensate you for any unpleasant experience that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

We have developed a special procedure which will help Customers to assert their rights and also voice any concerns to a trained Manager whose main responsibility is to leave every Client satisfied. To get fast and professional assistance, it is highly recommended that you initiate the Quality Evaluation procedure with our Customer Experience Manager and not with the payment system. The procedure is simple and requires several steps.

My paper is not what I expected. What’s next?

Send for revision

  • Provide clear and concise instructions and send the order for revision.
  • The first writer is still on the wrong track.

Choose another writer

  • Specify which parts of the paper need to be revised.
  • Let us know if a new author needs to write another paper from scratch. It is FREE!

Quality Evaluation

  • There is no way I can accept the new paper. I can prove that the final version of the document is unacceptable.

What is Quality Evaluation?

  • Quality Evaluation is an official negotiation procedure between you and a Customer Experience Manager about the possibility of refund or any other compensation for any disturbing experience. To get fast and professional assistance, we highly recommend that you initiate the Quality Evaluation procedure with our Customer Experience Manager and not with the payment system.

In which cases can I have the quality of my order evaluated?

  • The order has been delivered, but you are not satisfied with the quality. Revision will not help.
  • The order is approved, but your professor detected plagiarism. You are ready to provide an official proof of plagiarism from reliable plagiarism detection software.

What do I need to know before I give an order the Quality Evaluation status?

Before giving your Order the Quality Evaluation status, please read the pages below:

What is the process of giving my order the Quality Evaluation status?

  1. Contact Customer Support Representatives and inform them about your problem.
  2. Check the automatically generated message and confirm the initiation of Quality Evaluation with your Manager.
  3. Provide solid arguments to support your claim for compensation (professor’s comments/graded paper/plagiarism report/other evidence of incompetence of the writer)

How long does it take to have the quality of my order evaluated?

  • The Customer Experience Manager is allowed to take up to 14 days to come up with a Quality Evaluation resolution. Usually, it takes no more than a week as we do not like to keep our Customers waiting. You will have another 14 days to come to an agreement with the Manager or else the Quality Evaluation procedure will be automatically closed, and no future refund will be possible.

How do I avoid Quality Evaluation and receive a high quality product on time?

  • Authorize your payment in a timely manner to reduce the likelihood of delays. The writer can be assigned to work on your order right after authorization.
  • Provide an outline before proceeding with the payment to make sure that you and your writer are on the same track.
  • Use the “Preferred Writer” option for all the orders. Working with the same writer who knows your requirements can be beneficial in the long run.
  • Check messages and notifications from Customer Support Representatives and writers daily (if it is not an urgent order) or hourly (in case of an urgent order) and provide timely replies to the comments. Remember that a true masterpiece is the result of communication between you and your writer. The “VIP customer service” extra includes SMS notifications, so you can always be notified of the progress of your order.
  • Be precise about your revision comments. The writer will make the necessary adjustments provided that you explain what went wrong.
  • Contact the Manager if you think that a Customer Support Representative has not provided sufficient assistance to resolve your problem. The Customer Experience Manager can be reached at [email protected]