How It Works

1. Fill In the Order Form

How It Works

What is the number of pages I should choose for my paper?

It depends on the number of words you need. There are approximately 275 words in a double-spaced page, and a single-spaced page has 550 words. The margins on all sides are one inch long.

When will my paper be ready?

Your paper will be ready before the specified deadline. Please bear in mind that the chosen deadline is for the first draft. In the order form, you will also find the final submission deadline. The countdown timer activates once the payment has been made. In case of revisions, a new deadline is required for each revision.

Can I pay you after I’ve seen my paper?

Prepaid work is the only option. The writer will not start working if you haven’t made the payment. Also, the delivery time starts only after the payment has been made. See our essay samples to find out what kind of papers we deliver.

Are you trustworthy?

We have already helped thousands of clients and they have been satisfied with our service. We can be trusted. You don’t need to worry about your billing information because we will only get the basics, such as your name, phone number, address and the last four digits of your bank card. A secure payment system processes your payment. We use the basic information for authorization.

  • Fill in the form (note that it will not be possible to edit the submitted information later)
  • Your account at will be automatically created if this is your first order. A confirmation email will arrive shortly after you have provided the necessary details for your order
  • Enter your discount code if you have one (it is only possible to do so before the form is submitted)

2. Make a Payment

How It Works

What am I paying for?

The price is for the body of the paper only. References and title pages are provided for free. The paper is formatted according to your requirements, and the formatting option is also free.

What is Authorization ?

Some orders need to be authorized to make sure that the credit card holder is aware of payment at our service. Authorization is particularly important with big orders that have a short deadline.

Do you provide discounts?

We appreciate our returning customers and offer a flexible system of discounts to them. Learn more about our discounts on the bottom of the page here.

  • Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover are accepted
  • A secure online payment system processes your payment

3. Order in Progress

How It Works

Who will work on my order?

Your paper will be written by one of our writers. Our professional authors are experts in their fields and they were chosen carefully by our Quality Assurance Department to ensure the best experience for you.

It is also possible to request your order to be completed in British or American English. However, we cannot guarantee that a writer from a particular country will be available.

How can I contact my writer?

You are welcome to make use of our excellent messaging system. It can be found in your control panel (your profile). Please note that for security reasons you may not contact your writer via phone or email.

How can my files be sent to the writer?

The more information you can provide about your paper, the better. This way, our writer will be able to meet all of your professor’s requirements. To upload any materials, use the “Files” section on the order page. The system accepts all popular file formats, such as .pdf and .doc, but if you are experiencing difficulties with uploading your files, contact our Customer Support Representatives and send your documents to [email protected].

  • Provide additional documents (if necessary)
  • Communicate with Customer Support Representatives or with the writer
  • Wait until your paper is ready

4. Order Delivered

How It Works

How will my order be delivered?

Once your order is ready, you will receive a notification via email. You will find the completed order in the “Files” section of your profile page.

What exactly is a preview?

By a “preview” we mean a watermarked image of your paper that you can review to see if it fits all your requirements. You can then either approve it or send it back to us. If a revision is necessary, we will ask you to provide us with a new deadline as well as proper revision instructions.

I want changes to be made in my paper

There are three free revisions available for that.

You can request a free revision either before or after you approve the paper. In case it’s after the paper approval, you will have to contact our Customer Support Representatives.

Once your paper is approved, you have 7 days to ask for a revision or 14 days if your order is above 20 pages.

For more details about free revisions at, see our Revision Policy.

How can I be certain that my paper is not plagiarized?

You can get an official document for yourself or for your professor if you want to be sure that your paper is completely original. We can easily provide you with one. Here are the prices for a plagiarism report:
Double-spaced pages: 1-10 pages – $9.99, 11 and above – $9.99 plus $1 for every extra page.
Single-spaced pages: 1-5 pages – $9.99, 6 and above – $9.99 plus $2 for every extra page.

Do you use TurnItIn to scan my paper for plagiarism?

We check every paper for plagiarism, but the TurnItIn service is never used for this purpose. submits all the scanned papers into a database. In other words, you can check every paper only once with this service. Your work will be shown as plagiarized if your professor also checks it with TurnItIn. That is why we use the WebCheck plagiarism detection service instead. We are completely satisfied with how well WebCheck performs.

Double-spaced pages: 1-10 pages – $9.99, 11 and more pages – $10.99 plus $1 for every additional page;
Single-spaced pages: 1-5 pages – $9.99, 6 and more pages – $11.99 plus $2 for every additional page.

  • Preview your finished paper in .jpg format
  • Approve and download your order in .doc format or
  • Send for a free revision