The Main Idea of a Thesis Proposal

When we face such task as a thesis proposal, we frequently stumble upon lots of problems. In this review, our goal is to help you write this assignment perfectly and give you some valuable recommendations related to this topic.

The Main Goal of Any Thesis Proposal

If this year you graduate your school, you will surely be made to work on such task as a thesis proposal. Surely, if you are going to cope with this task by yourself, online you can find lots of samples. Surfing the net you will find many reviews of those, who have already written a thesis proposal and have got excellent grades. Besides, there are many samples of this form of writing. You can look through all of them and see how the result of your writing should look like.

If you still don’t know what this is and what the main purpose of a thesis proposal is, we will try to clear up this situation. So, writing a thesis statement, your goal is:

  • To prove that your research is significant.
  • By your research, you are going to contribute something new and original to the field.
  • The research is going to be finished in the expected time period.
  • The theme corresponds to your interests.

Speaking about the tenses, this form of writing should be written in future or present tenses.

What Tips You Should Follow

We desire to share with you a secret of writing a really good and winning thesis proposal. Many students face lots of difficulties when they start working on this task. The Internet is full of unnecessary information and sometimes it is really difficult to find valuable advice and recommendations. We surfed the net in search of really useful information and now, our target is to share it with you.

So, writing a thesis proposal, please, follow the below-listed tips:

1. Introductory part.
As a rule, this part takes no more than a couple of pages. Besides, if you wish, you may start working on this part last, when you will have a better overview of your project. The main goal of this abstract is to catch the reader’s interest. Besides, here you should explain the background of your study. Pay attention to this chapter because its content is very significant. If it is boring and not catching, the reader will not read your paper until the end.

2. Problem Statement.
You should prepare a research question, which can take a form of a goal statement or hypothesis. Your theme determines the form and types of questions you have to create.

3. Background.
You should underline the significance of a reader and capture the attention. To do this, you have to create at least 3 reasons that prove the importance of the theme you work on. You can add some examples as well.

4. How to start.
You can start using the following example: “The goal of my research is…”, etc. Pay attention to indicating every target in details.

Other Recommendations to Thesis Proposal Writing

Except for the main aspects that were mentioned above, you should include the following:

  • Literature review;
  • Definition of terms;
  • Long-term consequences;
  • Hypothesis;
  • Assumption.

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